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Are you a huge fan of cricket ? Are you enthusiastically waiting for the ICC T20 World Cup 2012? Are you a working individual whose profession doesn’t allow him to sit through long hours of matches? Then your problem can be easily solved. You don’t need to glue your eyes and attention to the television to enjoy an ongoing T20 world Cup Tournament which is going to be hosted by Sri Lanka between the September 18 and October 7, you can just keep yourself updated with the T20 Live score while you are at at your office, on the move in your car, at break time etc.

T20 Live score is a better option than watching the highlights after knowing the result of the match and when the thrill is dead. No matter which country you belong to and no matter how busy you are if you are a cricket buff then you are bound to buffer your interest through the T20 Live Score from your laptop at work, radio, your mobile phone, tablet etc.

There are a lot of websites that shall facilitate the ICC T20 World Cup 2012 Live Score during the 20 day span of the tournament. Hence, if you have missed on a match or don’t have a Television nearby, you can log on to these websites and update yourself. So, cricket buffs buck up, now with numerous options of checking the live score, you can enjoy the match every bit even when you are out.

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